Commercial HVAC Preventive Maintenance Program


An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure!

Whether it is your fleet or your private vehicle, you don’t think twice before getting the oil & filter changed in you cars and trucks. Likewise, as a business owner, you know the importance of keeping your Heating & Cooling system in top notch conditions. Preventive Maintenance also called PM for your HVAC systems is as much a must for you Heating & Cooling Systems as it is for your vehicle.

Your cooling/heating systems:

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  • WILL WEAR OUT - they don't last forever;
  • Due to vibration of the system the electric connections will get loose ;
  • Belts will break;
  • Motor will need oiling;
  • Filters will become clogged, which will prevent air flow.


Don't be a victim of Murphy's Law - and have the HVAC system fail when you need it the most.

So take action now!



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Benefits for Enrolling in an Annual Preventative Maintenance Program:

  • Reliable service; PEACE OF MIND
  • Timely maintenance of your HVAC systems; PEACE OF MIND
  • Professional supervision of your HVAC systems; PEACE OF MIND
  • Thorough Maintenance and NOT only filter replacement; SAVES MONEY
  • Reduces energy consumption;  SAVES MONEY
  • Increased safety; PEACE OF MIND
  • Reduces risk of major failures; SAVES MONEY
  • Reduces the frequency of emergency repairs; SAVES MONEY
  • Extends the lifetime of the HVAC units; SAVES MONEY
  • Limits the warranty issues; SAVES MONEY
  • Less downtime for your business; SAVES MONEY
  • Reduced risk of losing customer; SAVES MONEY
  • Reduced risks of having to send your employees home. SAVES MONEY

What is special about Fix My AC, Inc.
Preventive Maintenance Plans for Commercial HVAC?

  • Fix My AC, Inc provides customized Preventive Programs and we will be glad to come and inspect your HVAC system and provide you a quote tailored to your particular circumstances.
  • Fix My AC, Inc. follows a strict protocol when performing Preventive Maintenance on your HVAC system.
  • Our technicians are specifically trained to ensure that all systems are operational, electric connections stable, cleaned, cooling and heating occurs as it should and operates optimally.
  • Our technicians are highly qualified and their duties go well beyond Replacing the Air Filters. They understand these systems in depth and can detect potential for failures during their PM treatment.

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Check Out Our Preventive Maintenance Plans for Commercial HVAC:


We recommend that you enroll in our Yearly Preventive Maintenance plan and get the full benefit of a professional team catering to your HVAC system needs at all time.

For light commercial or specialized systems like Liebert units or Mitsubishi Citi Mutli, Fix My AC, Inc. has a standard protocol as you can see below.


Preventive Maintenance Checklist for HVAC PACKAGE UNIT


Preventive Maintenance Checklist for LIEBERT SYSTEM


Preventive Maintenance Checklist for MITSUBISHI MULTI-CITI

Preventive Maintenance Checklists for HVAC Systems: Other Systems

In contrast to light commercial systems, for Air Conditioning and Heating systems involving cooling towers, chillers and other large or specialized systems, individual assessment of the systems will be first performed by Fix My AC, Inc., before any Preventive Maintenance Plans are established.

Fix My AC., Inc. will be glad to come and inspect your HVAC system and provide you a quote tailored to your particular circumstances.

Is your Air Conditioning system not listed above?

Just call us at 800-673-4922 to get your Preventive Maintenance program customized for your HVAC system by Fix My AC., Inc.