Choosing a Home Heating System

Size of the Heating Unit:

Our Recommendation Regarding the Size of a Unit: Heating system should always be large enough to cover all the needs of the user in the coolest time of the year.

New Heating With or Without A/C: Central air systems distribute hot or cold air through the home, office or building. However for the A/C to cool a place requires more air flow than for heat to warm up a place. So if the new system only includes a central heat system, the requirements in air flow are not as high as when the new central air system includes cooling too. For exact heat load calculations and therefore the exact heat size requirement, please contact Fix My AC Inc. Inc.

Noise Level of Your New Heating System:

Standard, builder unit Because today's metal shell is much thinner than it used to be, standard furnaces and fan coils today are generally noisier than their old equivalent

  • Variable speed Units: Those units are generally better built. The variable speed function both saves energy and results in reduced noise levels.
  • If your heater is on the roof: then noise is only in so far important that local regulations may impose restrictions
  • If your heater is in the attic: Hopefully the design of your ducting is such that all noises coming from this unit are dampened.
  • If your heater is in the garage: It all depends where the return is located.
  • If your heater is in the closet inside the living/Working space: Noise may be an important factor that should be strongly considered. It is probably worth investing some more in a good unit than to suffer a NOISEY 5, 10, 20 years.


Which Energy Efficiency Level To Choose?

Legal requirements: The minimum Energy Efficiency rating allowed in California by Title 24 is 80% for residential as of 2013.

Beyond the legal requirements: The more heating is been used, the more savings in utility bills can be made by investing in a more efficient heating system.

Geographical locations will play a role as well as a number of other factors

Choosing a Heating system with a higher efficiency is also the greener choice.

In most places along the coast in Southern California, 80% is amply sufficient.



Your choice: Fix My AC is able to install any type of air conditioning systems.

  • Residential Options: There are many brands out there, all of which offer different advantages. Carrier/Bryant are known as the leaders in residential air conditioning while Trane is well established. Goodman/Amana is a more recent manufacturer but they have acquired a larger part of the market thanks to their warranty policies.
  • Commercial Options: Choices may depend on historical experience, specific needs, technical properties, unique features, physical dimensions and many more.

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