Choosing a New Air Conditioning Unit

Fix My AC, Inc., has installed all sizes, types and brands of units for over 20 years.
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Size of the Air Conditioning Unit:

If you were happy with the previously existing air conditioning system, there is no reason to change the size.

If you were not - and the issue was strictly a size issue - then we can increase the size of your system. As a consequence, we will have to replace the furnace/air handler and the ducting as everything must be matched in order for the system to work well.

If you are adding a new Air Conditioning to your home, then Fix My AC, Inc. can perform a heat load calculation for you and accurately determine the optimal size for your air conditioning.

Today's wisdom is to vastly undersize the A/C system and to let them run non-stop. A 2-ton system running all the time is supposed to cost less than a 5-ton system coming on and off all the time.

If you prefer the old-fashion way where you start cooling the home maybe 30 minutes prior to your arrival home and want a fast cooling response, you definitely want to select an Air Conditioning system which would be large enough to cover all your needs during the hottest time of the year. But bigger is not always better in Air Conditioning so beware not to oversize your system.

Either way, ask Fix My AC, Inc. to guide you through this process.

Which SEER Level to Choose?

The minimum Energy Efficiency rating allowed in California by Title 24 is 13 SEER for residential and 11 EER in commercial applications as of 2011. However and beyond the legal requirements: The more the Air Conditioning is been used, the more savings in utility bills can be made by investing in a more efficient A/C system. Systems can go up to 21 SEER today. Beware that the bigger systems (5 tons) do not always reach the upper level of Energy Efficiency that a comparable 2 tons system could reach.

Choosing an air conditioning system with a higher SEER is also the greener choice.


Refrigerant Choice:

Prior to 2010: For many years, most residential air conditioning systems in the USA worked with R22 while Commercial systems and air conditioning with special applications used a series of other refrigerants. Since January 2010, manufacturers are not allowed to manufacture R22-containing systems. This is in accordance with the phase out of the ozone-depleting agent R22.

In the field of residential Air Conditioning there is no reason anymore not to choose R410A systems. Fix My AC installers have been trained to install R410A systems for years.



Residential: In some cases like two-storey house or home office, zoning may be the option for you.

Our Recommendation: While we do not favor zoning in residential applications for a number of reasons, we will offer it when it makes sense. In contrast, it is routine work for commercial applications.



Fix My AC is able to install any type of air conditioning systems.

Residential Options: There are many brands out there, all of which offer different advantages. Carrier is known as the leader in residential air conditioning while Trane is well established. Goodman/Amana is a more recent manufacturer but they have acquired a larger part of the market thanks to their warranty policies.

Commercial Options: Choices may depend on historical experience, specific needs, technical properties, unique features, physical dimensions and many more.


Do You Have A Split Space to Cool?

Most newer houses with two stories are been built with two A/C systems, one for upstairs and one for downstairs.

Fix My AC, Inc. will review your particular circumstances and make recommendation as to whether it is economically advisable to split your home space and install two Air Conditioning Systems instead of only one.


Fix My AC, Inc., can help you when Choosing a New Air Conditioning Unit


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