FAQs for AC Repair & Maintenance

My condenser (outside A/C unit) stopped working. What can the problem be?

You may check your circuit breakers and fuses if applicable.

If none of this helps, call us to schedule an appointment and we will determine the cause of the failure.

My A/C does not blow much air. What can the problem be?

Check your air filter(s) and replace them every 3 months. Use pleated air filters.

If your filter has just been replaced, then call us to schedule an appointment and we will determine the cause of the failure.

My furnace is 30 year old: Can you fix it?

It depends as each case is unique. However if it is repairable, we will let you know. We do not recommend replacing a unit only because it is old. However in the case of a 30-year old furnace, make sure you have carbon monoxide detectors that work all over your home as such an old furnace is much more at risk for carbon monoxide leak than a brand new furnace.

How often should I add freon?

Air Conditioning systems are closed circuit. There is no need to add refrigerant except at the installation time. If your system is low with freon, it means it has a leak somewhere.

Fix My AC, Inc. routinely performs leak check.

Some rooms are cooler than others, some rooms don't get any air. Can you help?

In both cases, it is an issue of improper air flow. The causes are multiple and all of them are possible to correct.

  • No duct branch providing air flow to this room
  • Disconnected air duct branch
  • Inappropriate size of air duct
  • Room far away from furnace or air handler
  • Not sufficient air flow to also feed this branch
  • Air flows preferentially somewhere else.
  • Lack of dampers
  • Undersized system
Do you fix asbestos ducts?

Asbestos is a known carcinogen substance. We therefore do not allow our employees to touch asbestos as asbestos fibers can then become lose and be breathed in. Please contact an asbestos removal certified company and have your ducts removed. Upon presentation of a certificate of clean air Fix My AC can then install new air ducts for you.

My ducts are 20 year old and I want them cleaned. Do you provide this service?

Commercial metal ducts: We will more than happy to provide you a quote for the cleaning of your ducts.

Residential flexible ducts: We highly recommend not to have such ducts cleaned. Most times the cleaning creates more damages than any benefits you think you may get from this investment.

I replace my filter every year, why should I need your services?

In short because THERE IS MUCH MORE TO MAINTENANCE THAN FILTER REPLACEMENT! Whether residential or commercial systems, Preventive maintenance should include a full checking of the system, tightening of wires, checking safety control points, checking motors and also filter replacement.

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