Customers Bring Many Rewards

IMG_1154Working on the field at Fix My AC Inc. brings many rewards, including meeting amazing people, seeing beautiful things and discovering new fields of interest by just talking with our customers.

This particular customer is over 90 year-old, his mind sharp as a fiddle and his backyard a joy for the humming birds.

He called Fix My AC Inc to repair his furnace. Most furnaces are accessed from within the homes. But this one required to go through a side door located on the outside of the home. Thanks to this particularity, we were privy to the antics of the humming birds – a delightful experience.

We had to order a part and the customer did not expect us back on the following day due to the weather conditions. But we managed to time our coming back to perform the heating Repair in between two showers. Who says it never rains in California? 🙂 and so we performed the repair and provided heat to our customer for that very weekend. A Happy Ending.

Should You Add Refrigerant To Your Home or Business A/C?

Central A/C Are Closed Systems:

Central Air Conditioning for buildings, offices and homes are closed systems. It means that once the proper amount of Refrigerant is added to the system, there should not be any need to add more.

Signification Of Low Refrigerant Level In The A/C System:

If your A/C system is low with refrigerant, it means that it has escaped from the system, which means that there is a leak somewhere.

What To Do When The Refrigerant Level Is Low In My A/C?

The right way is to find the leak and fix it, if possible, or replace the part with the leak.

If you decide to have some refrigerant added to your system, you are only temporarily alleviating your problem as the refrigerant will eventually leak out again. (Meantime the refrigerant escapes and pollutes the environment, possibly destroying the ozone layer.)

What Causes A A/C System To Get A Leak?

There are many causes but a major reason is the lack of maintenance and the use of inappropriate or clogged air filters.

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